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Review: ‘Birth of the Dragon’ serves as an insane, quasi-biopic for Kung-Fu legend

Director: George Nolfi Starring: Philip Ng, Xia Yu, Billy Magnussen, Terry Chen Rating: PG-13 Year: 2017 The world may never know what truly transpired during the legendary San Francisco showdown between Bruce Lee and Wong Jack Man back in 1964. There were few witness and still today there are conflicting reports. The one fact everyone seems to

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A fistful of things that don’t work in ‘Iron Fist’ (SPOILERS)

The Iron Fist We have a few questions about the so-called “Living Weapon.” How does it work, exactly? We know Danny must focus his chi in order to summon it. Unfortunately, it’s harder than it sounds. Things get in the way of Danny’s focus, but… At one point early on, Danny says the psych ward’s

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