‘A Quiet Place’ review

By Jordan Peterson | @thefilmmajor In a darkened theater lit only by the reflecting luminescence of a Christie CP2000 projector, a low grumble makes itself known before momentarily subsiding then returning again with a roaring vengeance. This goes on for some time. It’s my belly, embarrassingly enough, reminding […]

Opening This Week: April 6th

By Jordan Peterson | @thefilmmajor It’s summer all year round at the box office. At least that’s how it feels most weekends nowadays (especially when you work at a movie theater). Though oddly enough this weekend won’t see the release of any new big budget spectacles like Ready […]

‘Ready Player One’ review

By Jordan Peterson | @thefilmmajor Cue Van Halen’s “Jump.” A rampaging King Kong leaps from the Empire State Building, a time-traveling DeLorean narrowly escapes the chomping mandible of a hungry T-Rex, the Iron Giant mercilessly pummels Mecha-Godzilla, and Batman scales a blizzardy Mount Everest. If it sounds like […]