‘Scream’ Reboot Moving Forward With ‘Ready or Not’ Directors

The much talked about Scream reboot recently took a huge step forward in its development. Per The Hollywood Reporter, Ready or Not directors Matthew Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett have officially signed on to helm the slasher thriller.

Spyglass Media is behind the project. The company formed last year with former MGM head Gary Barber and Lantern Entertainment co-presidents Andy Mitchell and Milos Brajovic. Lantern landed the rights to Scream when it took control of film and TV assets from the Weinstein Co. in a bankruptcy sale back in 2018.

Scream was the 1996 slasher horror movie, directed by Wes Craven and written by Kevin Williamson, focusing on a young woman in a small town who becomes the target of a killer who wears a mask inspired by the Edvard Munch painting The Scream. (The killer would later become known as GhostFace.)

The movie took on horror movie cliches even as it delivered thrills and laughs, becoming a massive hit as it crossed the $100 million domestic mark. The movie made stars out of its cast, which included Neve Campbell, Matthew Lillard, Courtney Cox, and David Arquette, and thrust Craven into the mainstream.

Details on this latest iteration of Scream are scarce. It is unclear whether it’s a reboot or a continuation of the story, which is the tact taken by the movie sequels. It is also unclear if Spyglass is taking a multiplatform approach to the horror brand.

Spyglass had no comment.

What do you make of this news? Do you think the Ready or Not directors are a good pick to direct the Scream reboot? Did you even get a chance to check the film out? Sound off in the comments below and let me know all your Scream and Ready or Not-related thoughts!

Chris Evans & ‘Doctor Strange’ Director Setting Sails For ‘Bermuda’

It looks like the sails are finally getting ready to sail for Skydance’s long-in-development Bermuda Triangle action-adventure, Bermuda. Viva Variety, Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson has signed on to direct the picture. Additionally, Derrickson will rewrite the script with his writing partner C. Robert Cargill as well as produce. Meanwhile, sources say Captain America himself, Chris Evans, is “circling” the lead role

The studio has been working on getting the project off the ground for some time, with Sam Raimi at one point circling the director’s chair. Funny enough, Raimi has since taken over for Derrickson on the upcoming Doctor Strange sequel, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Plot details are being kept under wraps, except for the fact that it will be set in the mysterious patch of the Caribbean where planes and ships have gone missing over the years.

Skydance had no comment on the project.

What do you make of this news? Does it get you excited to see Bermuda? Or do you see yourself taking a pass on it? Jump down to the comments below and let me know all your Bermuda Triangle-related thoughts!

Blumhouse Resurrecting ‘Dracula’, Karyn Kusama Directing

Following the success of Leigh Whannell’s update on The Invisible Man, Variety is now reporting that Blumhouse is sinking its teeth into Dracula. Destroyer and The Invitation director Karyn Kusama is attached to direct. Matt Manfredi and Phil Hay, who previously teamed with Kusama on the two aforementioned projects, will also write Dracula.

The report claims that the project is a part of Blumhouse’s first-look deal with Universal. And seeing is how the two entities collaborated on The Invisible Man, Universal’s involvement is likely imminent.

Dracula was first introduced in Bram Stoker’s 1897 novel of the same name, which saw Transylvania’s most notorious resident move to England, where he did battle with Abraham Van Helsing. Bela Lugosi made the character a cinematic icon with his portrayal in Universal’s 1931 feature film adaptation. Luke Evans last portrayed the character on the big screen in Dracula Untold, which grossed $217 million worldwide on a $70 million budget.

Meanwhile, The Invisible Man recently cracked $100 million at the global box office, off the back of an impressive $7 million production budget.

For more on what to expect from these Universal monsters reboots, check out my article Universal Monsters: What’Coming After ‘The Invisible Man’?

What do you make of this news? Is Karyn Kusama the perfect pick for an updated Dracula flick? Do you think a similarly minuscule budget would work for the property? Speaking of which, what did you think of The Invisible Man? Sound off in the comments below with all your Universal monsters-related thoughts!

Universal Monsters: What’s Coming After ‘The Invisible Man’?

As I mentioned in my review for The Invisible Man, Universal Pictures has been desperate for quite some time now to resurrect their gallery of classical movie monsters. They’ve tried again and again to reinvent the wheel in hopes of appealing to a younger generation of moviegoers and each time they’ve failed to sustain any true success. That was until they handed the keys to the dark kingdom over to Blumhouse, a frequent collaborator and one of the pioneers of last decade’s horror movie renaissance.

This weekend saw the release of The Invisible Man, the first film to come of the new direction. The result is already an overwhelming success, manifesting $48.3 million worldwide off the back of an economical $7 million production budget. Hitting those kind of numbers opening weekend? Yeah, we’ll definitely be seeing more updates on the Universal monsters.

But what exactly is the studio’s next move? In a New York Times article, President of Universal Pictures Peter Cramer waived the idea of attempting yet another cinematic universe, stating that the studio’s immediate focus is on individual filmmaker-driven projects:

“We said to the filmmakers, tell us what you’re connecting to with these characters. We’re listening to any and all ideas, rather than trying to create a vast, interconnected universe.”

Cramer further specified their process:

“I wouldn’t say we issued an open invitation, but we certainly talked to filmmakers who we admire. And once we put the word out with a few producers, people started coming to us saying, hey, I’ve got this idea.”

Here are the projects we know are currently in the works and what we know about them so far:

Dark Army

Image result for paul feig dark army

We may not be getting a shared Avengers-style monsters movie anytime soon, but anyone disappointed by that news still has something to look forward to. According to Deadline, The Heat and Bridesmaids director Paul Feig is currently developing Dark Army. While not much is known about the project at this time, the report states that it is based off an original idea from the filmmaker and will include “characters from Universal’s classic monster library and original characters created by Feig.” The plural characters being the operative word in that quote.

More recently, Collider caught up with Feig, who dished on where he is on the film’s development:

“I wrote a draft and got thoughts from the studio, and now I’m in the middle of a rewrite on that right now, and so hopefully that’ll be my next movie. If it’s not, it’ll be the one after whatever I do next. But yeah, I’m very excited about it, too. It’s just, you want to get it right.”

The A Simple Favor director let us in on his vision for the film:

“I really want this to bring the same feeling that those old monster movies that I loved growing up watching [did]. I’m not as interested in doing a horror movie as I am in doing a true monster film. So, hopefully that will see the light of day. You never know in Hollywood these days, but I love it. I’m very excited about it. I’m excited about the characters that I’ve created and about some of the ones that I’ve been able bring over from the old movies.”

A little bit of the old mixed with a little bit of the new? Count this admittedly excitable blogger in! Leigh Whannell took a similar approach with The Invisible Man and proved that these monsters can still be scary and scary relevant in 2020. Hopefully Dark Army follows down a similar path.

The Invisible Woman

Image result for invisible woman elizabeth banks

If you caught The Invisible Man recently, then you might have assumed that Universal was planning on doing an Invisible Woman movie. According to Deadline, indeed they are; however, it’s probably not what you had in mind. We learned last year that the studio is partnering with Elizabeth Banks for The Invisible Woman, which is based on an original pitch from the Pitch Perfect 2 and Charlie’s Angels director and is in no way affiliated with the Jason Blum-produced thriller currently playing in cinemas. Not much is known about the film other than Banks is reportedly starring as well as directing from a script by The Girl on the Train scribe Erin Cressida Wilson.

Monster Mash

Image result for Matt Stawski monster mash

Dark Army isn’t the only monster mash-up Universal has up their sleeve. According to an exclusive Deadline report from earlier this year, the studio is working with Matt Stawski, a Grammy nominated music video director, on Monster Mash, an original musical film also featuring some of its iconic monsters. As per Universal’s MO, the project is based on an original conceit that Stawski pitched to be his feature directorial debut. Also like the rest of the films on this slate, story details are being kept… Under wraps (ha!).


Image result for dexter fletcher renfield

When speaking about the classic Universal monsters, the conversation inevitably turns to Dracula. The bloodsucking horror icon is one of the most adapted fictional characters of all-time. Then there’s the more obscure R.M. Renfield, an inmate at a lunatic asylum who was thought to be suffering from delusions, but is actually a servant of Dracula. But if Universal has their way, that’s all about to change thanks to Dexter Fletcher (Rocketman), who has signed on to helm a feature film centered on the Dark Lord’s unfortunate sidekick. Based on an original idea from The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman with a screenplay from Rick and Morty scribe Ryan Ridley, Renfield will finally tell the largely untold story but set in modern times.

Untitled James Wan Project (Frankenstein?)

Image result for james wan frankenstein

Not long after The Invisible Man hit theaters, reports started circulating that Universal had tapped The Conjuring and Saw director James Wan to produce an unnamed film “inspired” by their legacy lineup of monsters. Though a director has not yet been attached to the project, Supernatural scribe Robbie Thompson is set to pen the screenplay. Though the current news does not make mention of it, Variety reported late last year that Wan was attached to produce a re-imagining of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. Could this indeed be the mysterious monstrosity that Wan is cooking up? Only time can tell for sure.

More to Come!

Of course these are just the projects we’ve gotten wind of. There are, according to Peter Cramer himself, various projects at different stages of development based on nearly all of their infamous monsters. This is an exciting time for fans of classic horror.

Those are the films we know are currently coming down the Universal Monsters pike. What do you make of the current post-The Invisible Man slate? Do any of these projects hold your interest? If so, which ones? And did you even enjoy The Invisible Man? Sound off in the comments section below and let everyone know all your Monster outs thoughts on the matter!

Chris Evans Gassing Up For ‘Little Shop Of Horrors’ Remake

Call him Chris Evans, DDS.

The Hollywood Reporter has learned that Captain America himself is currently in negotiations to join Taron Egerton and Scarlett Johansson in Greg Berlanti’s upcoming take on the cult classic film turned Broadway musical Little Shop of Horrors.

Should these talks lead to final deals, the outlet is reporting that Egerton will play Seymour, a meek florist who comes into possession of an unusual man-eating plant that attracts a hoards of business to the struggling Skid Row shop where he works. Johansson will co-star as Audrey, Seymour’s co-worker with whom he’s secretly infatuated with. Warner Bros. is looking at Evans to fill the leathery boots of Orin Scrivello, a sadistic dentist who revels in the pain he inflicts on his patients. Billy Porter has already signed on to voice the floral antagonist.

The project is based on the 1960 Roger Corman movie that was adapted into a popular musical in the early 1980s, which itself was adapted as a 1986 movie starring Rick Moranis. Steve Martin played the dentist in that version.

Greg Berlanti is directing Little Shop of Horrors and principal photography is set to begin this summer.

What do you make of this news? Do you think Chris Evans is a good addition to this project? Or would you prefer to see someone else in the role? Sound off in the comments below and let me know all your Little Shop of Horrors thoughts!

‘Creed 3’ Moving Forward With ‘King Richard’ Writer

MGM is ready to go another round with Creed, having tapped Zach Baylin to pen the script for the third film in the Rocky revival series. Baylin also wrote the screenplay for the upcoming Will Smith vehicle King Richard, which recalls the story tennis stars Venus and Serena Williams’ father.

According to the outlet, no plot details are currently known. Nor has a director been locked down at this point. All we know is that the film will continue the story of boxing legend Adonis Creed. Whether or not Sylvester Stallone’s Italian Stallion will make his return to the series is not mentioned.

The report mentions the uncertainties surrounding principal photography as star Michael B. Jordan has a jam-packed shooting schedule.

The original Creed was written and directed by Ryan Coogler and grossed $173 million worldwide. Steven Carole Jr. directed the follow-up Creed II from a script by Juel Taylor and Stallone and took in $214 million globally.

What do you make of Zach Baylin penning Creed 3? Do you think he’s the right pick? Is there another writer you’d rather see on the job? Are the Creed films even something you’ve seen? If so, what did you think? Sound off in the comments below and let me know all your Creed-related thoughts!

‘The Dig’ Directors Revving Up ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ Reboot

What’s that? It sounds like… Like… A CH-CH-CH-CHAINSSAWW!

That’s right. Leatherface is coming back to the big screen. Per Variety, Legendary has closed a deal with The Dig directors Ryan and Andy Tohill to helm a straight-up reboot of the 1974 “slashic” The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

The project will be written by Chris Thomas Devlin with Fede Alvarez and Rodolfo Sayagues producing through their overall deal with Legendary.

Alvarez, who came to fame with his Evil Dead remake as well as Don’t Breathe, commented on the news:

“The Tohill’s vision is exactly what the fans want. It’s violent, exciting and so depraved that it will stay with you forever.”

The original 1974 Tobe Hooper movie followed two siblings and three of their friends en route to visit their grandfather’s grave in Texas, who end up falling victim to a family of cannibalistic psychopaths and must survive the terrors of Leatherface and his family.

Plot details on this latest reboot are being kept under wraps, including how the infamous chainsaw-wielding Leatherface fits into this new world.

What was at first considered a cult classic has grown into one of horror’s most iconic properties, spawning three sequels, including one that starred Matthew McConaughey and Renee Zellweger. Michael Bay’s Platinum Dunes rebooted the movie in 2003 to box office success, leading to a 2006 prequel. Lionsgate followed that up with two other new entries in the franchise, Texas Chainsaw 3D and Leatherface.

What do you make of this story? Are you satisfied with the choice of directors? Is yet another Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie even something you would check out? Sound off in the comments below and let me know all your thoughts on the matter!